Here are some useful information about your trip to the mountain as well as to the country Tanzania itself.



Did you pack everything for your trekking tour to Kilimanjaro?

Before you go on your adventure, you need to make sure that you are properly prepared for your journey to Tanzania. Make sure to pack everything necessary and don’t forget anything important. Here you can find a recommended general packing list for the mountain. Please note that you should add anything which will be required for your personal well-being.

packing list

Medical requirements

Please consult your general practitioner way in advance to ensure that you are in a suitable physical condition for climbing Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Amongst others, you should be advised on altitude sickness, required vaccinations, Malaria prevention and discuss a training plan in preparation for the mountain if possible or necessary. At some African airports, such as Kilimanjaro Airport, you might need to present your Yellow Fever Vaccination passport.



If you pay for your visa on arrival at the airport, you need to pay for it in US Dollars. Please note that most banks and exchange bureaus in Tanzania don’t accept US Dollar bills older than 2007.

The currency in Tanzania is Tanzanian Shilling (TSH), with 1 US Dollar being worth around TSH 2270 as of July 2018. In touristy cities like Arusha, Moshi and Dar es Salaam, bigger shops and restaurants take USD as well as most hotels, however, in villages and local shops it is only possible to pay with TSH. Big hotels and some westernised restaurants even accept credit card payments. Notably, TSH can be withdrawn at most banks, such as Barclays, CRDB, Exim Bank by credit card (mostly Visa and Master Card).

What time of the year should I go on a hike in Kilimanjaro National Park?


High season July, August, September and October (November):During July and August, usually many groups are on tour on Kili and Mount Meru because it should be staying dry and temperatures are moderate. From September until November you can normally find fewer groups, as towards the end of the year the chance of rain slightly increases and probably because holiday season in Europe for example is usually during European summer, in July and August.

December to February:You usually don’t find many tourists this time of the year in Tanzania. During those three months it is usually very warm, with only a very slight chance of rain. Some people regard that period as the best time for a climb.

Low season March to June:These four month are not recommended for going on a hike, simply because it’s rainy season with sometimes very heavy rainfalls making it impossible to go outdoors.


You can find information about entry requirements for Tanzania by the United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Home Affair’s website:

Germans can find general information on the website of the German embassy in Dar es Salaam:



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