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Map Kili routes overview


Machame Route:  from €1960 per person | 6 or 7 days | tented technical route

Marangu Route: from €1920 per person | 6 days | nights are spent in huts

Umbwe Route: from €2050 per person | 6 days | tented route | very technical

Rongai Route: from €2020 per person | 6 days | tented route

Lemosho Route: from €2300 per person | 7 or 8 days | tented technical route

Mount Meru: from €1294 per person | 4 days | nights are spent in huts


For better acclimatisation, there is the possibilty to climb Tanzania’s second highest mountain, Mount Meru, before attempting Kilimanjaro OR to opt for the longer versions of each trek booking additional acclimatisation days.


Safety first! to make your trek as enjoyable as possible, we strongly advise to walk pole pole and respect your guide’s pace as well as to make sure you drink enough water.

However, before booking your trip, please consult your general practitioner to check with him/her whether your physical condition is adequate for long hikes in Kilimanjaro National Park at high altitudes.

Ask your general practitioner to consult you about altitude sickness and its symptoms.

If you are not fit enough yet or temporarily not in a good condition, it is better to postpone your trip and to decide to go at a later time!

If there are any remaining questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to send you further information.