Sapuku Waterfalls: €45 per person | pick up and drop off inclusive | 1.5L drinking water inclusive


Sapuku waterfalls are located north of Arusha. An about 5-hour hike will lead you from Arusha town centre through (coniferous) forest to the waterfalls. Hence, that trip easily covers a whole day and is a great option for whoever wants to stay active after a trek to Mount Meru or Kilimanjaro. The waterfalls are usually quite busy and you can find Tanzanian residents, school classes as well as a lot of wazungu (engl. white people). The amount of water rushing down the fall varies depending on the season; dry or rainy season. In or shortly after rainy season there is a bit more water falling down than you can see on the picture 😉 In any case, this trip offers a nice opportunity to get to know Tanzania’s flora and fauna once more.