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Tanzania has been blessed with stunning landscapes and wildlife. Choose your safari from basic camping safaris over tented camp safaris to luxury lodged safaris – everything is possible!





•Meet the famous “Big Five” in the Northern National Parks: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and black rhinos best to encounter in Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

•Encounter other wild animals such as giraffes, cheetahs, hippos, wildebeest, zebras, warthogs, hyenas, impalas, Thomson gazelles, monkeys and birds

•Be part of the well-known Great Migration of wildebeest best to see in Serengeti around Ndutu in January, February, March and Kogatende in July, August

•Take part in a Chimpanzee Trek in Mahale Mountains National Park


National Parks

•Serengeti National Park: Tanzania’s oldest National Park | Based in the north of Tanzania | Location of the Great Migration of around 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras and Thomson gazelles | Houses all big animals except for black rhinos | Renowned for its endless plains

•Ngorongoro Conservation Area: UNESCO World Natural Heritage since 1979 | Located in the north of Tanzania | Famous for its crater, which is the biggest in the world with around 19km diameter | It houses black rhinos and many other wild animals such as lions, zebras, hippos and flamingos | Visit the well-known Empakaai Crater and Empakaai Lake | The landscape harbors a unique mix of plateaus, lakes, bushland and steppe – a must-see!

•Lake Manyara National Park: According to Ernest Hemingway “the most beautiful place he has ever seen in Africa” | Located in the north of Tanzania | Amazing soda-containing lake with flamingos and acacia forests with elephants and lions | Nice birdwatching spot

•Tarangire National Park: Behind Serengeti second largest reservoir of wild animals | Located in the north of Tanzania | Known for its vast number of elephants | In dry season animals gather around Tarangire river | mystic baobab trees known as “Tree Of Life”

•Arusha National Park: Located just in the outskirts of Arusha in the north of Tanzania – 20 minutes by car | Harbours Tanzania’s second highest mountain, Mount Meru (4562m) | Ranger-supported walking safaris through the rainforesty area | It is possible to see wild animals, amongst others, giraffes, buffalos, zebras and elephants

•Lake Natron: Located in the North of Tanzania in the Arusha region between Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Kilimanjaro National Park | Hot lake with up to 60°C and high salt content | It harbours some fish and flamingos can also be found there

•Mahale Mountains National Park: Impossible to reach by car | Located in the west of Tanzania at Lake Tanganyika | Pervaded by Mahale Mountains | Famous for its Chimpanzee treks and possibilities to do boat safaris

•Selous Game Reserve: Vast game reserve | It is located in the south-east of Tanzania and can be reached within 5 hours from Dar es Salaam by car | The Southern Tanzanian National Parks, including also Ruaha and Mikumi, are less frequented than the Northern National Parks | Selous is pervaded by dry forests and in the north is characterised by grass and moorland | You can see, amongst others, elephants, lions, zebras and impalas as well as near Rufiji River also crocodiles and hippos


Basic – Camping safaris:

5 days Northern National Parks: Tarangire | Lake Manyara | Serengeti | Ngorongoro Crater

SONY DSCfrom €1480,- per person

5 days| Great possibility to discover Tanzania’s Northern National Parks visiting Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Serengeti National Park as well as the famous Ngorongoro Crater on low budget | See the Big Five | Camping on public campsites | Safari on 4 wheel Land Cruiser.

PDF Itinerary 5 days camping safari



11 days Northern Tanzania: Arusha National Park | Lake Manyara | Serengeti | Ngorongoro Crater | Marangu Day Hike | Cultural Tours

Boma 3

from €2680,- per person (in group of 2)

11 days | A great mix of safari tours in Northern Tanzania, hiking and cultural tours | Marangu Day Hike offers a trekking trip to Kilimanjaro National Park doing the first day of Marangu Route from Marangu Gate (1860m) climbing up to Mandara Hut (2720m) | Cultural tours exploring coffee plantations and Masai Villages | See the Big Five | Safari on 4 wheel Land Cruiser | Camping on public campsites.

PDF Itinerary 11 days safari camping



Medium Range – Tented Camp Safaris:

15 days Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar: Arusha National Park | Lake Manyara | Empakaai Crater | Ngorongoro Crater | Serengeti | Lake Natron | Zanzibar | Cultural Tours

IMG_4380 - Kopie

from €5730,- per person

15 days | Northern Tanzanian National Parks | See the Big Five | Special destinations to Empakaai Crater and Lake Natron | Cultural Tours to Coffee Plantations and Masai Villages | Beach holiday on Zanzibar featuring Stone Town Tour and optional activities like diving or “Spice Tours” | Safari on 4 wheel Land Cruiser | Nights spent in Tented Camps.

PDF Itinerary 15 days Tanzania and Zanzibar



Luxury – Lodged Safaris:

10 days Tanzania: Great Migration Special | Mahale Mountains National Park


from €7590,- per person

10 days | Safari with focus on seeing the Great Migration in Serengeti National park | Mahale  Mountains National Park with Chimpanzee Trek and Boat Safari | See the Big Five | Safari on 4 wheel Land Cruiser | Nights spent in luxury lodges.

PDF Itinerary 10 days Tanzania Lodge




Tailor-made safaris:

Tailor-made safaris according to your needs and schedule? Just send us an enquiry and we will get back to you with an itinerary and quotation.

Safaris can be:

-> shortened or extended

-> upgraded to lodged safaris, downgraded to tented camp or camping safaris

-> National parks added or removed



Take a first glimpse!

See some pictures, which have been taken in the northern Tanzanian national parks, below and get an idea of what to expect on your safari: